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  • Computer Lab:

Information communication and technology (ICT) has become integral to every walk of life. With fully-equipped computer lab, we expose students early to computer education. We have qualified teachers for assisting students to search for information, create multimedia presentations, execute project work and creatively present the content that they have gathered after comprehensive search from multiple sources. The IT teachers work hard with the students to sharpen their skills so that they can compete with students from different parts of country.


  • Physics Lab:

The lab is equipped with all instruments and gadgets which help the students to learn physics in simplified manner. The lab is well stocked with apparatus and sufficient material and charts to be used as teaching aids.


  • Chemistry Lab:

The lab has state of art instruments and apparatus. Proper storage racks are made for stocking chemicals and preparation of reagents. All experiments are demonstrated by the teacher before the students perform experiments.


  •  Biology Lab:

The lab is equipped with models and apparatus where students can have practical approach to understand the theory of chapters prescribed in the CBSE syllabus.