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The school is divided into subunits called ‘Houses’ and each student is allocated one House the moment he/she is enrolled in the school. Gems are the theme of the Houses as they symbolize a flow of life and energy. Houses will compete with each other in sports and co-curricular activities, thus providing a focus for group loyalty. Each House is identified by its own colour. Dedicated students exhibiting leadership qualities will be designated as House Captains and Prefects. They will assist the House Master/Mistress in the smooth functioning of the house.


  • Scarlet (Red) House

                        Motto: Brilliant and Polished.

  • Emerald (Green) House

                        Motto: Showing brightness upon world.

  • Chrome (Yellow) House

                        Motto: Protective towards all.

  • Sapphire (Blue) House

                        Motto: Transparent in its endeavours.

NOTE: It is compulsory to wear House uniforms on Monday.