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It goes without saying how important is the role of co-curricular activities in skill development and personality development. The KPS learning system lays special emphasis on co-curricular activities and includes a bouquet of co-curricular activities. Students are provided with rich opportunities for Art, Drama, Music and Dance to develop their imagination, natural curiosity, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Music & Dance

Karan Public School providing all opportunities to the music and dance lovers to learn western & classical music as well as dance under expert supervision. Various musical instruments have been made available for the students to acquire expertise under special music and dance teachers.


Games & Sports

Games and sports are an integral part of the curriculum at Karan Public SCHOOL. The school has a large sports ground providing adequate opportunities to its students to participate in various games. Football ground, Cricket ground, Volley Ball and Badminton Courts, Basket Ball Court and indoor facilities of Table Tennis, Table Soccer and Chess are provided to the students. The school has the best possible Play Station for the tiny tots. 

Qualified instructors have been appointed to impart instructions on basics and rules of various games. Regular participation in games and sports assists in developing a spirit of healthy competition amongst the students.

Art and Craft

Art and Craft offered is relevant to children’s interest and age. In early years, they express their ideas and develop skills through colors, lines, shapes, space, patterns and texture. As they progress, they make drawings, paintings and three dimensional projects.


Theatre is very important part of school’s co-curricular activity. Students prepare various plays to perform on various school functions. Theatre aims to develop self-confidence; express confidently and removing stage phobia along with providing a platform to students to speak on issues of social concerns.